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Gasket size for Skyhawk JY0000-53E help

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Does anyone know what size and type of gasket for case-back is needed for citizen 3rd generation skyhawk watch jy0000-53e
I want to do it myself (to try it) i cant find what size is the gasket
Please help me
i managed to change the capacitor by myself the old gasket is gone now i closed the case its working good now over 3 weeks but i didnd buy new gasket for it and cant find spec for it.

{here the place i got the capacitor.
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Hi dude,

That's a good reply, OEM usually want customer to send back their watch for replacement of parts or servicing. Their parts will cost more than what u can find in the market.

Its good idea, i have send them a message will see what comes out of it.

But i just very surprised there is no info for the gasket type and size, i been looking few weeks now and there is no definitive info for this.
Its very popular watch and its recommended to change gasket every 3 years for the watch to be waterproof.
I managed to change the capacitor properly and the gasket change is the thing i cant do
it drive me nuts.

ok i got response today
{We do have the gaskets available; however, this model is restricted, so the only parts that may be sent out are band parts. As such, we cannot provide the information you are looking for regarding size etc.
For service in the United States, we recommend you send your watch directly into our United States Service Headquarters for review.]

Thats for u get for having Japanese brand maybe thats why i cant find the info on simple gasket.
I did read its possible to measure the case size using digital gauge and get it this way
So that what i plan on doing.
But its so insane to send watch by mail for simple gasket change, its not rocket science its still quartz watch at the end of the day not a Rolex or Breitling. anyone can and should do it.
Even if its atomic watch just follow the right procedure.
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