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G-Shock Mudmaster

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The Mudmaster just arrived today. This is the all black GWG-1000 1A model.

It's a big watch for sure, but I think it's gonna be a keeper! The wings on the backside help it conform to the wrist rather well.

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Thanks #four!!
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Thanks guys!

I wore it just about all day today and, for being such a large watch, it wears nice.

I used the temp and compass earlier and both worked well.

I think I need to charge it up a bit as its only at medium now, but that shouldn't be a problem. I have more than several G's and this ranks right near the top in terms of build quality.
Thanks everyone.....I am still wearing it a few days in and liking it quite a bit!
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That's certainly a lot of G's!!!

Hank's for the kind words! :)

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