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My plans were to keep this but due to how this trade went down, I figured I will pass it along to someone who may really want this one. When I received, it was in bad shape, the case had scratches and dings, and then I placed it on the Timegrapher and it was losing 70 seconds per 24 hours. So I reached out to my local watch guy. Explained the situation, and he immediately said it needs a full overhaul service. Well he called me today and it was ready for pickup. I have the receipt for the full service, water test, and it will be included. It comes with a year warranty as well. He also did his best and addressed the scratches and dings. He rebrushed the case as well. There are 2 small dings that are there, one on the inner bezel by the 8 hour marker and one on the edge of the bezel by the 7 o clock lug. Some small hairlines, but overall he brought it back to a really nice wear everyday piece. Comes with the rubber strap, Tourby Deployment, extra Tourby Rubber, Tourby Travel case, and Service receipt.

Timekeeping has been excellent since I picked it up, and I just put on my Timegrapher and it is barely losing 2 seconds a day.

Asking $795 shipped CONUS. Anywhere else extra. Will consider trades...40 to 44mm. No dress watches or anything Vintage. Thanks for your time and consideration.

Please text or email any questions or concerns. 989-245-2900
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