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FSOT: Bulova Spaceview

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This is a bit of a special watch. I first saw this a couple of years ago, I really liked it and wanted to get one but prices were a little high for my budget. So I had to wait, put this in the back burner and waited more. Finally several weeks ago I found one on sale and I had the cash in my watch funds. So I plunged. Actually I ended up with 4 Bulova watches at that time and I had myself a mini Bulova collection. While I was happy with these I had to consider that being a WIS I was bound to like new models and so it happens that in order to free up some watch funds I have to sell something.

I actually did not end up wearing the watch and although I tried it on with a Nato strap and a bracelet it was on my wrist for only a few minutes. the watch itself is about 40mm wide, it sports a nice domed crystal and a signed crown. The dial obviously is what makes this watch what it is, something different then the majority. The Accutron movement has a continuous smooth sweeping seconds hand even more then an automatic movement.

Overall in like new condition with tape still over the buckle of the strap that has not been worn. Box and manual are included. I guess it is a perfect watch for certain collectors. I never saw one of these or even the older ones around on anyone's wrist. Then again I also had it for a while and never worn it...

Anyway, I would like to sell this so it can go to a good home and so that I can get some funds to continue the hobby, make new projects, etc.

I am asking $299, this includes shipping and Paypal fees. I am always open to offers as well as trades, especially if trading down with some cash coming to me for example I could trade for a Seiko diver with cash coming to me. Otherwise for certain watches I could even trade up and add a little. But I don't really have anything in mind at this time so I pretty much open to anything.

Here are a few point and shoot pictures.

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