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Full disclosure, the crown is stripped, and it has been sitting in a moisture free case for 2 months. The watch cosmetically is in great shape and I will ship it as it looks with a 24mm natural leather thick strap. Since I am not a watchmaker, i do not know the extent, but i am offering this kit up for a ridiculous $450 OBRO. If you can fix this yourself, you're getting the bargain of all bargains, If you know a guy who can fix things like this, you're getting a bargain of all bargains. Basically, I don't have the time and wont benefit in wearing this enough to have it taken care of (i am set on my lower end Borealis, prometheus,

I'll include the original box, warranty card, and strap change tool as well.

So for 475 OBRO, i will ship this anywhere CONUS USPS priority. Here is a great chance to get your hands on a Zixen. Please feel free to email me @ JGORDONFRESH(at)GMAIL(dot)COM
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