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SOLD! Thanks WF and Buyer!

Asking $140 (both) or $75 (each) - CONUS shipping & PP fees included. International shipping possible, and negotiable. For sale only, no trades at this time please.

Here are a couple of partially to mostly restored Seiko divers that I grabbed on the Bay a few months ago. Since they are inexpensive, I won't go into a ton of detail here - you know the watch.

Both can be worn "as is". They are both running fine - the orange one was tested by the previous owner as having been very accurate, right before he sold it to me. I have the Timegrapher printout, which I'll include. Both watches have new dials, date wheels and bezels, and I believe original crystals. The bezel on the yellow watch is not on there very securely, and probably needs to be looked at, however it has never fallen off on me while being worn. The crystals are both in great shape - neither one shows any deep scratches - very minor marks for older watches. Both watches have new Seiko rubber straps, but neither include boxes or papers. Just the watches and rubber straps in this sale. Mesh bracelet in 2nd pic is not included.

These two divers are running great, in nice shape and definitely worth the small investment - especially if you are into modding/restoring these older classics. By my calculations, the yellow one was produced in August, 1990, and the orange one in February, 1995. See the pictures of the casebacks for the numbers. I have plenty of successful sales on the forums, and over 15 years of perfect feedback on eBay (flyersandeagles), so no worries there. Let me know if you need any more pictures, or have any questions. Onto the pics...

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