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I am making room in my watch collection for another so I want this watch gone! At this point with regret I will soon be forced to go to a pawn shop, but I'd rather sell it cheap to a WF brother or sister.

This is an unusual watch by WF standards because this is no ordinary watch and it is definitely not your daddy's watch. It is a fashion forward modernista watch that pops and has a cool gee whiz factor that will have people asking you what the heck you're wearing.

Pictures do not do this watch justice, you really have to see it. Why?

Because this model has orange hour markers on the left side of the dial and orange hour and minute hands, and the sweep second hand is white. But then the one and two and four and five o'clock hour markers are in white and they are not on the dial; instead they are glued to the underside of the glass and makes that half of the dial look like it's "floating." The strap is made of silicone for an awesome comfortable feel, especially during the hot weather. If you have shovels for hands, the strap is also a generous length. It has a quartz movement.

This watch is pre-owned but realistically this is an almost-new watch and it's in pristine condition. I only wore it once or twice. I've only owned it for two months so I threw a dart at the dartboard and it landed at 95% condition. Hugo Boss watches are made by the Movado Group since 2005 and I purchased it at a Movado store. Sadly I am too old for this watch. BTW be careful when selecting a Hugo Boss Orange watch, there are several similar designs with subtle variations.

This watch is a great gift for your husband or boyfriend or son or for you ladies with a flair for fashion.

This watch is model number HB 1513054.Please feel free to Google this watch and compare prices elsewhere and to look up any other watch details you want. If you like it, don't drag your feet, because this watch is priced to move. Thanks for looking.

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