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For sale I have a T-Touch Trekking in mint condition.

By far the coolest ana/digi I've owned, This watch is part of Tissot's T-Touch collection.

Features include compass, thermometer, altimeter, chrono, alarm, and meteo for weather predication.

The watch is made of super lightweight Titanium, comes with a flat sapphire crystal, stock rubber with Ti clasp (can fit up to 8in wrist).

Bezel also doubles as a compass and you will notice that the bezel is not hard to turn because it's not supposed to, it's not a dive watch.

Stock rubber was never used. I threw it on a black/orange rubber strap that I will also include.

Extremely small hairline scratch by lug that I was not able to capture on the camera. The watch is in fantastic condition.

Les Stroud of "Survivor Man" wears a Trekking and so if you want to be as bad ass as Les, buy this watch**

Selling for $260 shipped. U.S. ONLY. NO TRADES

**watch does not guarantee you a bad ass but does guarantee you got a good deal.
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