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Hi All,
This is the situation. I had a dead SKX007. I needed to replace the movement.
I then decided to mod it with a Dragonshroud Tuna, big crown and stem.

I ordered them.

Today, I received 2 lots, in different envelopes. I only ordered and paid for 1 of each.

As people like Dragonshroud services us WIS's, I don't feel comfortable in saying "Hey, I got lucky". They should be paid for, but also, I didn't order or need 2, it was their mistake.

So, I wonder if any of your guys fancy modding your SKX007?

I contacted them and they would be happy with $29 for the lot, that's half of what I paid (inc shipping).

Since I'm in the UK, it would also mean faster shipment and no customs duty for anyone in the EU.

So anyone interested in $29 (or £19.20) + shipping?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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