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Second watch up for sale :)

Price: $850 USD shipped

This is an all original Seiko 7A28-6000 designed By Giorgio Giugiaro

Watch has two original pushers and the original bracelet. The watch keepes great time, all pushers and chronograph functions as thy should and chronograph resets to the correct position.

Overall the watch is good condition.

Things to know: There is loss of the PVD coating along the very outer edge of the bezel. The bezel also has some bumps and scratches with one notable bump at the first red hour marker between halfway between 0 and 10 on the bezel (hard to see on photos)

Otherwise the watch is in very good shape. There is almost no other loss on the coating with 99% of the coating in place. The casebook has hairline scratches but has clearly never been polished or worn-down at all. All wording is deep and easily readable.

The bracelet has loosened a fair bit but is still very strong and is entirely wearable. Again almost all of the coating is in great condition even on the inner side of the bracelet. There is some buildup of gunk in the corners of of the center indent of the bezel links. Im reluctant to clean it out myself as I don't want to scratch the coating but if you knew what your where doing cleaning tight corners on watches you could have the bracelet looking a million bucks.

Hi-res photos HERE

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