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Vintage Scubapro 500

This is the one that I had restored and serviced. There have been threads about it on the forum and the service was completed earlier this year by Jack at IWW (1 year warranty). In addition, the dial and hands were resumed by Jack and the case was lapped, laser welded and refinished by ABC Watchwerks. The crown is a little stiff, but it winds nice and the timing is good.

I will include the receipt for Jack's services with the sale. No boxes and papers other than that. The watch does not come with the vintage IsoFrane pictured, but it can be purchased with the watch for $150 extra...I am selling this for $975, net of fees, shipped to CONUS. PayPal preferred, but will also accept wire transfers.

This is a great vintage for folks who are scared of getting a vintage.

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