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For sale I have a first generation JSAR complete with box, papers and like new original rubber strap. The watch is currently mounted on a Seiko bracelet because I had a spare one, it fits and looks pretty good to me and while being solid it is light enough to be comfortable on my wrist.

The watch is in good condition, it has been worn a lot but I don't bang around my watches so it does not have a lot of wear, a few small marks on the case and lots of scratches on the bracelet but as can be seen by the pictures it is actually pretty good looking. There is a small defect on the dial, at 2 o'clock, between the round marker and the edge of the dial, by the minute marker, this is how the watch came to me and it was so small I did not notice it immediately. You can see the mark in some of the pictures. This for me was a wearer but certainly not a beater.

The movement was just replaced as the original one crapped out and a new battery was also just installed.

The watch is about 46mm in diameter (bezel) and has 22mm lugs. All functions work and the lume is awesome, in fact it is one of the best around right up there with Omega and Seiko.

Selling only because I have too many watches and would like to change some pieces of my collection. I had this for a few years and it always worked well for me, but I would like to change around and have some other watches.

I would like a low $425 for the package as described above, including shipping and paypal fees. I am open to offers and trades especially for something cheaper with some additional cash coming my way.

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