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So, I've only had this watch for about 6 months. I never bought it new. Oddly enough, I found this watch years ago in a pile of junk while moving. It had no strap and the battery was dead. I let it sit for about 2 years, until I decided to start building my collection back up after my earlier watches were stolen. After I got the Primo and the pulsar, and a cheap Chinese automatic I way overpaid for ( got me good), I had a battery installed in the Hammerhead and bought a bunch of straps from strapped for time.

I have a much older version than what's on their website, but it's still a pretty awesome watch. Has a screw down crown and an indiglo button. The lume on the hour and minute hands is great, the but hour markers, not so much. The pictures I have of it are on the strap from my other citizen. I just like the canvas strap on it more. If I ever decide to go scuba diving one day, this will be the watch to go with me... But it's also my only dive watch. Lol.

If anyone is thinking about one, I wouldn't shy away from it. It's pretty awesome, keeps time well, has a good bit of heft, rotating bezel, and nice domed crystal.


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