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Many of you have seen this on other sites, and thanks to our good friend Seattle suggesting it, we now have a section on Watch Freeks for Member Giveaways!

The rules are simple.
  • You have a watch or watch related item you would like to give away to another member.
  • You start a new thread in this forum with that describes the item you are giving away (pictures are always a plus) and how you would like to run your giveaway contest. (start date and end date (required), what you want people to post about, etc)
  • Members who want to be included in your giveaway contest should respond in the thread that they would like to be included.
  • The winner is announced by the original person who started the giveaway thread. They should also contact the winner by Private Message.
  • The watch or watch related item is sent by the original owner to the contest winner!
** We HIGHLY encourage the winners to post pictures of their new watches in the Just Arrived section of this site when they receive their winning items!

This is always supposed to be fun and exciting for members to participate in. These giveaways are member run and between the member who starts the giveaway contest and the winner who wins.

You can give away anything you want to!

Most importantly - THANK YOU for being so generous and thinking about others!
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