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In regards to a previous thread, I remember when I purchased my Jeager LeCoultre Master Control Hometime. I was looking for a travel watch with dual-time functionality. There were many watches I was considering from Tag Heuer, IWC, Dubey & Shuderbrand, JLC, Rolex GMT, and maybe a few others. At the time I was leaning towards the IWC, JLC and Dubey because I did not like the Rolex GMT style.The JLC, IWC, and Rolex were all about the same price I ended up going with the JLC because the IWC and Dubey used a ETA and the JLC had an inhouse movement. I also liked the aesthetics of the JLC and the design.

I had the JLC since 2005 and the watch is still my favorite in my collection and a great watch, I still like the design of the JLC over the Rolex GMT, I like the aesthetics, and the movement is more complex than the Rolex. Both the JLC and Rolex have the jump hour hand but the JLC includes a Night day indicator and is able to conceal the secondary hour hand

Now here is where the dilemma starts. while the JLC still retains its original value. I have seen the watch on Chrono24 preowned for the same price I paid for it new If I had bought the Rolex the value of the Rolex would have doubled in price and if I resold the Rolex I could probably purchase two of the same JLC Hometime watches, or a JLC and another watch of similar value. If both the JLC and Rolex carried the same market value there is no doubt I would rather have the JLC but being that the Rolex carries more value on the market maybe sometimes our emotions get the best of us

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The best thing to do I think, is to just look at the watch for the reasons
in which you liked it for originally sir. ;):) Looking at the value part of
it will just drive you crazy. But in my opinion, you got the watch that you
liked more, and that checked, and still checks all of the possible boxes.
Not that I don’t see where you are coming from with Rolex, but this JLC
is out of this world at the end of the day. ..A collection within itself ! :cool:

Keep on enjoying it Bob, and try not to think about the other stuff. 😊

What a fantastic post, thank you so so much for making it !!!

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Jaeger-LeCoutre are the watchmaker’s watchmaker, a claim that Rolex would never be able to make. I recently tried on a classic Reverso and although Rolex are in a different bracket, they cannot hold a candle to the refinement JLC offers. But I never cared about resale value or potential investment possibilities. And my watch purchases are in a completely different price range. But yours is the best choice in my humble opinion.
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