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For sale or trade: Seiko Field project

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For sale or trade I have a Seiko Field project, one of a kind, unique and in fact I doubt it can be replicated. The watch is a 42mm Seiko SRP model from a couple of years ago, with 22mm lugs and bracelet. The movement is the hacking and hand winding Seiko 4r36 used in the newer models. The dial is from a rare Seiko diver SKXA033 and the hands are from a Seiko Sea Urchin, seconds hand is from a SKX007.

The watch is not a diver since I believe originally it has a 100m WR, push and pull crown. A dome crystal was installed that make the watch look really nice. Crystal is clean with only small mark that seems to be inside the crystal, visible only in the second picture between the 8 and 9 markers. Lume is great, Seiko diver’s like.

Otherwise the watch has been worn but always carefully, no dings or scratches but a few hairlines are present on the case. The bracelet is unworn and is essentially new because the watch was worn on different straps.

I would like to get $250 for this but I am open to offers and trades. I originally would have liked to get Seiko Digital Tuna, SBEP007 or SBEP001, on trade but I am certainly open to other watches. If you like it contact me and we can work something out. I will answer everyone.

Here are a few poor pics showing the looks and the really nice lume.


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Always open to offers and trades
Open to sales or trades, especially If anyone has a Regia Fish Armour
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