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Foodie Fest

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Was thinking this might be a fun thread. Because everyone likes
to eat right?! 馃榾

We could post up all kinds of videos, pictures, and links, or anything
having to do with food. Whether it鈥檚 breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or
something in between. ..Even recipes, or your favorite food you like
to make, or even get out, or order in. If it鈥檚 something you like, have
fun, and post it up if you like. 馃槈

I鈥檒l get things started with some eating challenge videos I watched

This young lady will amaze you below, and she has a ton of other
videos as well. But here she is having a nice breakfast, lunch, and
dinner. 馃槉

I hope that you enjoy:

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Hardtack, and boy is it hard! They need further drying and maturing.

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Holy cow Frans, you want to know something? 馃槷

I literally had no idea what Hardtack was. 馃槉馃くSo thank YOU for not only
the ultra cool post, but also lesson. (y)(y) Boy oh boy, I always seem to be
learning something new every day and that is the 100% truth sir !

P.S. Can you tell us if you have this a lot. Or if it's something everyone has
a lot there. 馃榾In any case, very very cool sir ! ..Thanks so so much for the
post as well as lesson !!!
To us it鈥檚 something from the past, over 150 years old. There鈥檚 one baker left who makes them against a hefty price. Now popular with 鈥榩reppers鈥. Yours are square, ours are round (British navy style). Just flour, water and salt makes the dough. I saw a short documentary about them and wanted to make them myself. Next up is hellfire stew (Google it 馃榾), if I can muster the courage鈥︹.
First loaf from my kitchen. I recently bought a LIDL stand mixer for $85 (79 Euro. 1600 Watt motor, stainless steel bowl). One of the best purchases for many years. So I started with making bread. Delicious!

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