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Foodie Fest

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Was thinking this might be a fun thread. Because everyone likes
to eat right?! 馃榾

We could post up all kinds of videos, pictures, and links, or anything
having to do with food. Whether it鈥檚 breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or
something in between. ..Even recipes, or your favorite food you like
to make, or even get out, or order in. If it鈥檚 something you like, have
fun, and post it up if you like. 馃槈

I鈥檒l get things started with some eating challenge videos I watched

This young lady will amaze you below, and she has a ton of other
videos as well. But here she is having a nice breakfast, lunch, and
dinner. 馃槉

I hope that you enjoy:

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Honestly, I am at a loss to understand why people do this. It's not exactly healthy for the body and seems a colossal waste of food that could be used in other ways. But that's just me.
I read you sir, it鈥檚 amazing how many restaurants actually have these
challenges. And I remember first seeing them on a show called Man
vs. Food on the Food Network year鈥檚 back. But now it鈥檚 done all of
the time by people. With many of them being on YT like this. 馃槉
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Oh neat Bob ! o_O

I love the way you think with the whole having two thing. (y)(y)
Am thinking I will do the same. ;) ..Heck make it three !:D

They seriously look delicious !! 馃尟馃尟 And Wow, it鈥檚 something
to watch her putting those together. She鈥檚 so meticulous it is
incredible really. Like an artist !

Can鈥檛 thank you enough for the video !!!
I always tell people that visit Thailand always check out the street food. Many travelers are afraid of street food they think it is unclean or they will get sick, that may be true in certain circumstances and you can get sick in walkin restaurants too, you have to use common sense, for one thing never eat any meat that is uncooked. In most circumstances, street food is usually a healthier option. Street vendors prepare and cook right in front of you so you can see everything that goes into your food. Everything is fresh, and they usually never refridgerate because they usually sell out by the evening with no leftovers. When you go to a restaurant you never know what goes on behind closed doors and how old the food they use is. If you really want to be safe always eat cooked food including vegetables and meats but if you choose salads or any raw food then try to verify they use filtered water to clean the veggies. Almost all street vendors care about their customers as they rely on repeat customers they also live in the same community so you do not want to poisiong your neighbors as they know where to find you.

You make so many excellent points here above Bob, that it鈥檚 amazing. :)
It鈥檚 interesting how people seem to think the same no matter where they
are in the planet. Because I feel like a lot of people are wary of street food
here as well. And although there are a bunch of food trucks, and they do
seem to have a lot of business. There are those who would rather go out
to a restaurant, or trust restaurants more as you said. However, when you
think about it, food would, or should be very fresh with street food. 馃檪

I mean if you know people are coming for breakfast, lunch, or dinner,
then you can really only get those supplies right before people start
to arrive. Whereas if you have a restaurant, those storage rooms, as
well asrefrigerators could have had food in them for a while. ..You
just never know.

Oh, and I love where you pointed out how street food business
owners often live right in the same town. Or city as their customers,
and want to make sure that they keep their neighbors healthy, and
happy. 馃槈 Great point, as well as points all the way around !!!
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I bet everyone has been seeing a lot of pumpkin themed foods out
there lately right?! 馃槈 Everything from pumpkin pies, and muffins, to
pumpkin cookies, and creamers.

Saw I thought this might be a timely video, or something that you
might enjoy. 馃巸

Can you believe it?! ..They even have pumpkin fudge. 馃槷馃榾

My brother picked this up for me when he was at the shore, or beach. 馃檪

Has everyone noticed more pumpkin themed foods than ever this year?

And do you like it? Or are you beyond tired of seeing it? 馃槃
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Anyone like sweet potatoes? Or have some type of sweet potato
casserole of some type during Thanksgiving?

Or just during the year perhaps? 馃檪

There seem to be a ton, but these look to a couple nice ones...

And by the way, do you have any thanksgiving side dishes you like?
Or any day side dishes you enjoy?

Happy Thanksgiving ahead of time by the way !!! 馃崅 :);)
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Caught this video with some different takes on various snacks as
well as appetizers for game day, or any day and thought everyone
might get a 鈥榢ick鈥 out of them. 馃槈馃榾

Oh wow GPF, that is incredibly cool, not to mention incredibly
thoughtful to tell the truth. (y)(y) You have some phenomenal
kids it sounds like !馃榾馃弳

Looks like a wonderful cake as well as day, and may I say to
you...Happy Birthday !!! 馃巶馃榾
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Nice GPF, it can鈥檛 get much more delicious than that ! 馃槑馃榾
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Gosh, I dont know if i should keep going. This might be a daily post for me. Its more of a tribute to my wife who not only does most of the cooking, but is also kind enough to wear the second watch I have ever modded. I might have to throw in some horological items in the photos to make them more watch related. oh, wait, i already did that in my last two posts.... In this one, well nothing time related, but check out the copper riveted spatula with the sculpted Angelique wood handle馃馃槈馃槉. I sometimes make other things besides time gages.
Nachos night!!!
Oops, forgot the photo... View attachment 146225

Hey yeah, keep em coming GPF. (y)(y) Awesome, thank you !!!

You can put something up every day, or as many times as you like and
it doesn鈥檛 have to do with watches at all, or it can. There are no rules,
just have fun and enjoy yourself. 馃槈

Wow, yes, no doubt your wife is evidently a Foodie Phenom ! 馃馃弳
And that really IS one impressive spatula. 馃槑 Thx once again !
Yowza, you are making me hungry GPF and I just ate not that
long ago. 馃槻馃槉 Seriously those are some of the most amazing
veggie burgers I have ever seen. 馃榾

And that cool watch has a front row seat too ! 馃崝馃崝馃崝馃崝

Thanks so much for sharing, AND for making us hungry !!!
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Whoa, awesome GPF ! 馃憖馃榾(y)(y)I like your style, as well as tastes. 馃崝鈱

And I love how you are posting in here all of the time honestly ! 馃馃弳
Thank you so so much for sharing your foodieness, and passion !!!
Happy Birthday to her GPF ! 馃巶:D:)(y)(y)

Hey and save me some if you can, it all looks delicious. 馃弳馃馃構
That's my favorite night GPF ! o_O:giggle:

Wow, and may I ask?! ..By chance is that home made? 馃崟馃崟馃崟馃崟
It looks phenomenal no matter what, and just like with watches. I
don't know which I would like best. Enjoy, and thanks again for
posting !!!

Beautiful watch too of course. 馃槈
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Those have to be some the most beautiful stuffed peppers I have ever seen
sir, and the pizza was home made?! o_O:D

You are really something GPF ! 馃弳馃

Thanks a ton for sharing all of this with us like this !!! ..So awesome of you !
Doubly dynamic sir !! 馃崯馃嵅 :D
I don't have a photo, but I just ate a roll of Girl Scout Thin Mints. :p
:LOL:Hey that still works though without the picture Tom. (y)

Have to thank you for the report !!! :D ..By the way, I love your style as well as those cookies !
What a phenomenal cake, awesome ice cream AND Birthday ! :D
Happy Birthday to him sir !!! 馃巶馃嵃馃崹 THX for letting us feel as
if we were celebrating with you guys !!!
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