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Foodie Fest

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Was thinking this might be a fun thread. Because everyone likes
to eat right?! 馃榾

We could post up all kinds of videos, pictures, and links, or anything
having to do with food. Whether it鈥檚 breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or
something in between. ..Even recipes, or your favorite food you like
to make, or even get out, or order in. If it鈥檚 something you like, have
fun, and post it up if you like. 馃槈

I鈥檒l get things started with some eating challenge videos I watched

This young lady will amaze you below, and she has a ton of other
videos as well. But here she is having a nice breakfast, lunch, and
dinner. 馃槉

I hope that you enjoy:

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My kids decorated my birthday cake... They even put the GPF logo on the subdial. Coconut frosting 馃構
Food Ingredient Recipe Baked goods Dishware
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Gosh, I dont know if i should keep going. This might be a daily post for me. Its more of a tribute to my wife who not only does most of the cooking, but is also kind enough to wear the second watch I have ever modded. I might have to throw in some horological items in the photos to make them more watch related. oh, wait, i already did that in my last two posts.... In this one, well nothing time related, but check out the copper riveted spatula with the sculpted Angelique wood handle馃馃槈馃槉. I sometimes make other things besides time gages.
Nachos night!!!
Veggie burgers in a cast iron pan and a couple Swiss jewels in a stainless case.
Food Recipe Ingredient Jeon Potato cake
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Burgers for lunch! Westclox lurking in the background waiting for leftovers.
Food Tableware Bun Recipe Ingredient
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Hopefully bringing in some restaurant adverts too...
Can't forget the chocolate birthday cake with pb frosting and minty ice cream!
Food Tableware Table Ingredient Recipe
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Greasy French Fries for din
Food Staple food Ingredient Wood Cuisine
ner. Veggie soup too, but it was gone before I could take it's photo...
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Bother out-laws birthday cake 馃巶!
He's got the answer to life, the universe and everything...
Tableware Food Dishware Ingredient Tin can
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Not much lasagna left... just enough for lunch tomorrow 馃榿
Food Tableware Ingredient Recipe Cuisine
! One is kale, the other spinach.
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Mother out-law's birthday breakfast and one of today's project watches.

Food Tableware Dishware Plate Ingredient
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