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Foodie Fest

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Was thinking this might be a fun thread. Because everyone likes
to eat right?! 😀

We could post up all kinds of videos, pictures, and links, or anything
having to do with food. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or
something in between. ..Even recipes, or your favorite food you like
to make, or even get out, or order in. If it’s something you like, have
fun, and post it up if you like. 😉

I’ll get things started with some eating challenge videos I watched

This young lady will amaze you below, and she has a ton of other
videos as well. But here she is having a nice breakfast, lunch, and
dinner. 😊

I hope that you enjoy:

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I don't have a photo, but I just ate a roll of Girl Scout Thin Mints. :p
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