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TVDinner wrote:
Below is a few food questions.
Simple copy the questions and put your answers next to each line.
Of course open discussion is welcome and encouraged.

1) Do you drink milk 1 day after the expiration date?
2) Do you like Dark or White Chicken?
3) Coke or Pepsi?
4) Do you eat uncooked cookie dough?
5) Plain potato chips or ruffled ones?
6) Scrambled or sunny side up?
7) Ketchup or Mustard?
8) Salt or pepper?
9) Mike or Orange Juice?
10) Plain burger or cheese burger?
12) Chocolate or Vanilla Ice Cream
13) Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt?
14) Plain Pizza or Toppings?
15) Ranch or Blue Cheese dressing?
16) Pancakes or French Toast?
17) Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt in a cup or cone?
18) Dressing on the side or on your salad?
19) Medium or Well Done?
20) Oranges or Apples?
1) No...I don't drink regular milk anyway...only Low Fat/ Low Sugar Vanilla Soy Milk

2) Dark meat

3) Vanilla Coke Zero...favorite is diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper

4) No...too much sugar

5) Plain...baked

6) Scrambled

7) Ketchup

8) Salt, Pepper, garlic powder, herbs...and other seasonings...cause here in Houston..the chefs here don't believe in seasoning their food. Talk about bland food capital of the's here in Houston.

9) Uhhh...I am assuming you mean Milk....see answer number 1...I don't do OJ

10) I don't do red meat either....

11) Uhhh...there is no number jumped from 10 to that like some hotels and office buildings that don't number a floor 13???? LOL

12) Vanilla

13) Frozen Low Fat no sugar added Yogurt

14) Toppings...of course

15) Ranch

16) Yuck...neither

17) in a cone

18) Dressing on the salad...extra on the side!!

19) When I ate steak...medium rare...

20) Apples....Wine Crisp are my favorites
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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