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Homage or not, it looks incredible to me Dubya ! 😎🏆 So I
will wish you a SENSATIONAL Sugess congrats to you here
ahead of time !!! It’s going to be phenomenal I think, as well
as phenomenal hearing what you think.

Wow, and may I say that if you are going to wait a year to pick
up a new watch, why not get something special, and different
like this right?! 😉 It’s got all of the great character of a vintage
watch, or new Top Time Breitling. However, I don’t think those
have your lightning bolt seconds, so that’s a terrific wrinkle in
it’s own right, and just rocks ! ⚡🎸

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Well done! I like that model very much myself as it departs from the usual fairly run of the mill offerings.
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I got my new mechanical chronograph. I like it a lot. Not my usual color scheme (part of why I chose this one) but it wears nicely and action is solid. Build seems good, especially for around $170. We’ll see how it wears over time. Loving the exhibition case back. Now I just have to remember to wind the dang thing!
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It might not be a color combo you are used to Dubya, but it is
fantastic imho ! o_O:D A SUPER Sugess congrats once again !!!
And let’s hope you enjoy getting into winding this beauty too
sir, because it’s such a beautiful watch that it needs to be out
in the world on your wrist. ;) Seriously, when you look at this
exceptional dial it gives you elegance, but also a really fun and
sporty vibe. And the terrific case, as well as movement add to
the wow factor I think. (y)

It’s a combination that genuinely looks like a million $, yet the
watch isn’t even $200?! ..Well that is outstanding Dubya, as is
this strap, along with packaging. A++++ ! I really hope you enjoy !

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That looks beautiful, well laid out, and proportioned! Viewing the mvmnt is great, I love a hand cranker with a clear back; engineers/designers, and craftsmen amaze me, look at all that detail. Wear well, my friend.
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