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First Homage Received from Tat

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Hi All,

I am fairly new to this forum and have been in the last couple months been lurking around finding a good homage to purchase.

I finally settled on getting a PAM111 Homage from Getat (or Tat) in Hong Kong.

Optional Specs:
Case Option: Brushed case with polished bezel
Front: Sapphire
Dial: Black Sterile Sandwich dial with C3 Superlume Numbers
Hands: C3 Superlume
Buckle Style: Premium

It is a beautiful watch and I am very happy with my purchase.

I changed my order after placing it and Tat accidentally sent me the wrong one. As soon as I told him he was happy for me to send it back and he sent out the correct watch head ASAP. The first one seriously too 3 working days from HK to Australia. The second shipment took about a week.
Tat also refunded the total cost of returning the wrong order for me which I really appreciated.

Here are some pictures of the watch below:

Hope this helps someone else with their decision!

P.s If someone can shed some light on how best to hand wind the watch I'd really appreciate it. I have been a little paranoid about winding it too much afraid that it would break the movement somehow?
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Wind it until it stops. don't force it, but it won't let you wind it too far unless you force it.

Great watch. Getat makes a very nice homage for the money. I just sold a Titanium version of that one a couple months ago. It was a great piece.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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