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Extended Timing Casio G Shock Chronographs

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Casio has two extended timing G Shock chronographs. First is the GA100 which has 1/1000 second resolution and a total timing range of up to 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59.999 seconds or basically 100 hours. The second is the GD350 which has 1/100 second resolution and is good for 999 hours, 59 minutes and 59.99 seconds per the manual or basically 1000 hours or 41+ days. So far as I know these are the most extended range chronograph watches I am aware of and both are under $100 each on Amazon. Neither is radio synchronized or solar charged.

Not sure that with manual operation there is much point of resolution beyond 1/10 second but these both offer it as a bragging point in their specifications. The GD350 would have been great for Noah timing the 40 days and nights of rain per the Bible.;) Not sure of any other practical use.
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I think it鈥檚 not knowing the watch has these impressive abilities to
tell the truth Astro. 馃槑馃槈 As you said a cool bragging point both
specifications wise, but also price wise for everything too. 馃榾 It鈥檚
hard to imagine them being any nicer value for the money. Except
if they added in the solar or radio controlled aspects.

Amazing stuff sir, no matter how you slice it. Thanks a bunch !!!
BTW the GA100 is a digi-ana watch for those who like a watch with hands. The stopwatch function is in the digital windows.
Well thank you for that info as well Astro !!! ;)(y)
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