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Hey MoonFang, welcome, and wow, yes, I have wondered
what the exhibition case-backs were like on those beauties ! 🙂
Boy oh boy, they look really nice, as well as very detailed
the both of them. (y) (y) What is so terrific with watches
like these, is you find yourself more captivated by the neat
inner workings of the movement, than the time ! 😀

Want to thank you for the cool look, and for joining us !!!

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I have two watches with exhibition case backs, where I think it matters. My Chris Ward Super Compressor, with a visible case back spring, and my Seagull 1963, which has a stunning chrono movement. The rest of them are just a waist of time. For example, why show off an NH35 or ETA2824 movement, when really aren't very attractive, and won't get seen when being worn anyway. at the end of the day it's different strokes I suppose

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Fantastic looking movements Mr. Wiggles. I suppose I just like the concept of clear case back despite the complexity of the movement inside as to make a simple watch more interesting or simply just to catch the eye. I don't see the F6922 or the SW200-1 as being the most beautiful movement by any means however I do not consider the movement ugly. Then again I don't really consider any mechanical watch movement ugly generally speaking.
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