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So I came across the following watch company called Delma watches based in Lengnau Switzerland, probably some of you heard of this watch company but it is new to me. They are a mid-tier watch company that produces watches for Automobile, Aerospace, Divers, and Dress watches. Most of the watches they sell are automatics mainly either ETA/Selitta movements. I noticed that some of their divers are very unique, while others draw inspiration from Blanpain, Rolex, Omega, Zodiac, Tudor, and Seiko. I did some research and found that while Delma watches are not well known like Rolex, Omega, Breitling, Seiko Tag Heuer, etc they are considered by some to be in the top 10 best-made divers. The cheapest diver they make is quartz starting at $600 bucks with the most expensive at $2950 with a Selita 1200 movement. Tell me what you think I kind of like the Cayman which to me looks exactly like the Blancpan fifty fathoms
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I actually like each, and every one of their watches Bob. 馃槉(y)

What鈥檚 so intriguing imho is that they have you covered no matter
what you might be looking for. 馃槈 Whether it鈥檚 something a little
modern, or something that looks like it鈥檚 from the 60鈥檚, or 70鈥檚. It
seems like the company/brand stays true to their heritage. but at
the same time is impressive in the cutting edge department.

They have always seemed like a ridiculously cool brand Bob. 馃槑
With the Cayman being the tip of the extremely cool iceberg !

I could definitely see one on your wrist sir. ..Thanks a bunch for
letting us in on the search, as well as the fun !!!

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Founded in the nineteen-twenties, an important era for the Swiss watchmaking industry, Delma鈥檚 avant-garde early days set the pace for its future. A new type of watch rose in importance: the wristwatch. By the early 20th century military soldiers began wearing their pocket-watches on a fitted wrist strap. The practicality was observed by early aviators and soon the wristwatch became popular in daily life for its convenience as well as style.

The change in fashion was revolutionary for watchmakers and required them to drastically modify production. Brothers, Albert & Adolf Gilomen, recognized this as an ideal moment to enter the industry. In 1924 they founded their own watch company in their hometown, Lengnau, Switzerland between Grenchen and Biel. Horology was relatively new to the city but they saw its potential being ideally situated in the middle of the Swiss watch production region. There was a watchmaking school nearby that granted access to skilled craftsmen. Equally, there were established independent furnishers that guaranteed a supply of all the necessary components.
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