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Has anyone heard of Endatto Watches by chance?

The new company is based in Arizona, and has two watches. First is the
C1V1, which pays tribute to Arizona's saguaro cactus. With it's verdant
green textured dial. Then the second is the C1V2 which reminds you of
Arizona's Wave sandstone rock formation. Which has it's own textured,
and sectioned crimson/vermillion dial style.

Just a few other details include a 39mm stainless steel case, 50m WR,
sapphire crystal, leather straps, as well as decorated ETA 2824-2.

Check them out...

Monochrome, and Endatto with a ton more info...

Value Proposition - New American Watch Brand Endatto C1V1 and C1V2

Home • Endatto Craft Timepieces
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