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Hi All,
My name is Nelson. I’m a member of the Alvieri watches team. Alvieri was built around three fundamental values: artistic, amazing quality, and affordable. Our dream is to create a design which is timeless and to create timepieces with a dial that features three-dimensional world.The three dimensional design of our watch is inspired by sculptures in Firenze. Every part of our watch is designed to represent three-dimensional depth in a harmonious look.
I am very pleased to share the design and the specifications of our first collection with you.

The logo design

The Alvieri logo is a crucial part of our identity. Our logo consists of interlocking infinity symbols forming a quadruple ‘a’. The first letter ‘a’ in the logo stands for Alvieri. The other three ‘a’ letters are meant to exhibit the core values which Alvieri stands for. These are: artistico (artistic design), altaqualità (amazing quality), and abbordabile (affordable luxury). These four ‘a’ are drawn as a unity to depict these three values are integral parts of Alvieri. The Infinity shapes are drawn with different stroke thicknesses, pointing to the importance of depth in our three-dimensional design. These symbols for infinity are depicted in such a beautiful way to portray the timeless design and luxury of our watch.

The watch design
Here I'll just show some images of our watch design. You can find more on our Instagram @alvieriwatches(our website is still in progress).

If you are interested in following the progress of our design, you can follow us on instagram @alvieriwatches(our website is still in progress).

With a guilloche center portion which is surrounded by Roman numeral markers on a convex track, the dial is very lively, displaying beautiful curves. The beauty of the dial is also perfectly complemented by our signature hollow arrow hands. The concave lugs are somewhat unique and in complete harmony with the simple round case. The unique sculpted lugs give the overall design a bit more character.

Movement: Ronda quartz movement
Case Size: 40mm diameter, 9,6mm thick
Case material: 316L Stainless Steel, mirror polished
Crystal: Sapphire with an AR Coating underneath the crystal
Strap material: Genuine Italian leather
Strap width: 20mm
Water resistance: 50m/5ATM
Battery: Swiss Renata

We are happy to discuss the design of our watch on this forum. Please let us know:
- Which part of Alvieri watches do you like the most?
- What do you dislike about Alvieri watch design?
- Do you feel that all elements of our design fit together and feel like all they belong (harmony)?
- Recommendation for the design or the specifications.

To get more accurate feedback, we have created an online survey. Please fill out our quick survey (will take around 1 minute) if you want to be part of our watch development and give some input on our watches.

Willy Nelson
Alvieri watches

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While Roman numerals aren't exactly my thing (I once considered purchasing one but abandoned the idea once I saw the piece at an AD), I do like the three-dimensional nature of the dial.

To further my opinions on the design, I think you've struck a good balance between the numeral size and the proportion of the dial. There are a lot of subtle hints that pay homage to classical design which, from what I've read so far, is part of your brand DNA.

I would like to see non-Roman dial designs and an automatic movement.
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Who is producing your guillochet dials? Or are they just inaccurately described pressed dials?

Overall, I'd say these watches lack any personality. I'd expect to find them for sale in a mall watch kiosk.

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I've never heard of the brand Alvieri.

You've designed beautiful watches. A tad small, but beautiful.

Alas they look just like the Bulova watch below.

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