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Egard Passages Black

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Don't know much about Egard Watches, but I saw an ad on Facebook today and got attracted to the case's shape. According to their website, the Egard Passages line was created "in collaboration with William Shatner." I don't care for that kind of product endorsement by a celebrity. However, the more I read about the watch, the more interesting it became:

- Modified Miyota movement
- Curved Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
- "Open heart" design with sun/moon indicator
- Superluminova on hands
- Open caseback

It's currently selling for $585.00 for the next 9 days.

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I have the stainless steel and really love it (for it's look and build, but also for several intangible reasons). I wear it to work everyday. The only drawback I've found is that it's tall enough on the wrist that it won't slip easily under my shirtsleeve. But usually I roll them up anyway.

I also have the black leather strap and bracelet, but I really prefer the rubber strap. The bracelet doesn't have micro adjustors or half links, and of course my wrist is one of those in-between measurements, so it was either too tight or it slid around so much I couldn't stand it after a while.

I think it's a really fun, unique watch that would stand out in any collection. If you decide you need to have one, I'd say go ahead and take advantage of E'gard's current sale.

Good luck!
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