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Well there doesn’t seem anything disappointing to me here
Wiggles. ;):) ..Both the watch, as well a review are just
terrific sir !! 😀😀 I want to thank you again for posting this
up here for us !!!

Was thinking MW, as you said, you didn’t really dislike much
if anything about the watch. So that keeps dissappointment
at bay all by itself. So really if a watch does everything this
well, plus doesn’t cost an arm, and a leg, it’s sounds like
a winner to me.

There’s nothing this watch doesn’t do well, and actually, I
think it looks spectacular. 😲 The dial looks part aviation,
part field, or military, but not like any ONE watch out there.
While the case, and movement add some tradition, as well
as watchmaking wonder. So to me it’s eye-catching, and
not cookie cutter.

Yes, you could choose another watch for less, or even more,
but it might also look like everything else too. Which makes
this watch the opposite of disappointing. ..Honestly is more
an outstanding surprise !
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