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WATCH NAME - Echo Neutra Averau
I had already decided to sell my Glycine Airman, not because I didn’t like it, but because I found it a bit big at 42mm and I couldn’t find a smaller version I could afford. The Glycine Airman is indeed a very well made and stunning watch. I was sent an email with a link to this watch, and instantly became interested in it, although at the same time a little sceptical. You see, I know quality micro brands can be nightmare to move on unless the brand becomes fashionable within the watch world. Echo Neutra are an Italian micro brand, but the watches are made in Switzerland. They have a few designs, but this is the Averau, their version of a sports watch. I should point out, at the time of producing this review, this is the only one on YouTube, albeit Jodie from “Just One More Watch” reviewed the Mk1, which was quite different. After several messages going too and frow with the owner, we agreed on a price, and twenty-four hours later it was delivered to my door.

So welcome to my unpaid, un-unsponsored, and rather disappointing review of the Echo/Neutra Averau sports watch.

Case 39mm, Lug width 20mm, lug-to-lug 46mm, depth 12.5mm. Weight on a strap is 84 grams. For me, this is the perfect size for an automatic sports watch.

It comes in a premium box, that includes a cleaning cloth, strap changing tool, instructions, and warranty card.

The watch is a running an Elabore grade of the Sellita SW200. This movement is a Swiss clone of the ETA 2824, although some people feel it is actually better, as it doesn’t mind hand winding, and has an additional jewel. It is a 4hz movement that runs at 28,800bph, hacks, hand winds, is known for its reliability, and if regulated correctly is very accurate. Unlike cheaper movements, the positional variance is excellent, ensuring the accuracy is kept consistent. Unless you are going to spend an awful lot more, this are arguably the best calibre you will find in a watch, and are put in watches costing many times the price of this one.

The crown is beautifully knurled, screws down, and is easy to operate. My only complaint is that the engagement is a tad traicky, but that is starting to get better as I use it more.

It has a double domed sapphire crystal with 6 layers of AR coating.

The finishing is superb, and one look at this case assures you that your money hasn’t been wasted. The majority of the case is horizontally brushed, whilst the bezel and transition is polished. This is all done to an incredible standard. It has a relatively short lug-to-lug and the case is well shaped, ensuring it fits snuggly to the wrist. The case back is of the screw down variety, and has some basic details engraved as well as what looks like a mountain. This, as all very well done, I hasten to add. It would have been nice if they had included drilled lugs for easy strap changing. I also think the case sides are a tad boxy.


The hands and four applied indexes are filled with BGW9 lume. This is amongst the best lumes on any of my sports watches.

The dial is both simple and complex at the same time. This model comes in three colours, green, blue, and this one, the black version. The indices are bright white, which contrast beautifully with the mat black background. The 12,3,6,& 9 indexes are applied, and lay partially in the chapter ring, whilst the remainder are painted on. Under the 12.00 the brand and model is printed, and over the 6.00 is the company logo. At the bottom is printed “Swiss Made”, and between the 7-8 there is some printing, but I have no idea what that is. I particularly like the “automatic” being printed in red, as I do the splash of red at the end of the second hand. The hour and minute hands are bold, making this watch very easy to read at a glance. This dial isn’t just very attractive, it’s very well thought out.

When purchasing directly from Echo Neutra you have an option of a leather strap, a nato strap, or an H-Link bracelet. This one came on the black nato, but as yet I haven’t made a final decision of what will live on it. It probably won’t be the nato. After trying it on numerous straps it ended up on this silver grey seatbelt nato. To be honest, I am not a lover of nato straps, but believe this suited the watch better than anything else I have.

100m, which is about right for a sports watch. It isn’t ISO rated, but I wouldn’t expect it to be.

This is where it becomes difficult. You could argue that a company such as San Martin could make something similar with a Sellita movement for half the price, or even a third of the price. What’s more, I know it would be well made and finished. However, it would probably been another company’s design. Alternatively, you could buy an established Swiss branded watch with similar specification for three or four time the cost of this. If ordered direct from Echo Neutra this will cost you £455+duty, which will take it up to about £555, but that isn’t with the bracelet, which will cost about another £55. You also need to take into account, that if you fall out of love with this watch, selling it may be difficult. For what it is worth, I bought this brand new from a private eBay seller for £425 inclusive of delivery. I’m going to leave it up to you whether you think it is good value for money or not.

QC ISSUES, Dislikes & Likes
These are all hand finished and go through several checks before leaving the factory. However, the crown engagement could be improved, and it’s something Echo may want to look at.

It’s hard to find anything I don’t really like, although if I bought it direct, I would have chosen the blue option and paid extra for the bracelet, then had a look around for straps. As mentioned previously, perhaps the case could be a little thinner, and less boxy.

This watch is beautifully made and finished, the dial is attractive and extremely legible, and the movement is absolutely top notch. Most of all, I love most of the dimensions and the fit. Would I say it is as good as my Ball Fireman, probably not, would I say it is as good as either of my Hamilton’s or Seiko Alpinist, easily.

As you may have guessed, I am a big fan of this watch. Although I have left you to make up your own minds regarding the value for money, for what I paid I think this was a good purchase. Of course, tastes change, and if I decide to move this on at some point, I may have to be prepared to take a hit, but who knows. For the time being I am just going to enjoy it.
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