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Time Warner Cable recently upgraded the software on our cable/DVR box over the past few weeks. Fairly seamless on some hardware pieces and problematic on others. I have one of the "problematic" ones.

So, the tech comes out and gets into the business of repairing things. Another repair tech that was in the area stopped by to chat with his co-worker and to discuss the dilemma with my cable service.

It was kinda cool to watch these guys operate. After about 5 minutes of working they both agreed that there is a problem with the new software and that they didn't know what to do as of yet. Bummer, but cool! I like people who are honest. I could tell that these guys were doing their best, but the problems were too new for everyone, so that no one had answer yet.


We start "kickin' it", and they start to tell me about the (shhhhhhhhh) NEW things coming to cable.

Apparently you'll be able to shop on eBay via your TV, make purchases, and they will be billed to your CABLE BILL!

They also said that you could be watching a commercial, like Pizza Hut, and immediately order a pizza, and be billed to your CABLE BILL.

I don't know how technology is in your neck of the woods, but this is pretty friggin' cool! :cool:
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