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Early Birthday present to me.....Oris Big Crown Chrono!!

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2 weeks early and a surprise gift from my wife:smile-thumb2:. I timed it and made sure movement was fine and then put it back ....Can't wear it till Oct 2nd (my birthday), also celebrating my 40th in Vegas so this should be fully primed for the formal occassion ;)!!

Little background...I've been fascinated with vintage chronos as of lately and had a pending offer on a vintage Omega Chrono which fell apart due to movement issues once seller found out. Then decided vintage chronos may put a biger dent in my wallet mainly with the movement and lack of warranty, etc.

So started looking at newer models from Hamilton/Oris/Tag that had a vintage look (domed crystals, applied markers, vintage hour/min hands,etc). Eventually settled on the Oris Big Crown chrono (heslite crystal hence the massive dome!!). Checked out the black dial in person at a store but after getting a good discount on the display rosetone model, my wife ordered it over the phone and it arrived today.

I love my Visodate but will flip that one as this one meets my perfect dress criteria ...vintage looking and slightly bigger 42mm case size. Leather strap is meh but I'll get a genuine gator strap from somewhere later.

Some quick snaps!

Thanks for looking!!

My other 'daily beater':

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Very nice!!!! What a great watch to associate with important milestones in life. And what a thoughtful and sweet wife!!!!

Your peeking reminds me of myself sniffing out my Christmas presents hidden in my parents' room. I had to carefully pull back the Scotch tape, unwrap the paper that my mom so perfectly creased, and put it all back just as I had found it.

Did your wife put any security measures into place to try to keep it out of sight?

Don't worry, we won't tattle on you!
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