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Dugena watch help

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My wife got this from her mother who got it from her mother. It's a Dugena classic pendant watch, small, about the size of a quarter.With a chain to wear around your neck. It is sterling. And has a number on the inside cover. I've found tons of Dugena watches. None like this. Anybody seen one like his?

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Ill chime in .
If you show the movement on the inside of the case , i can help you out more. The movement will tell me far more than the info i have for just the case and dial.
The case was likely made in the very late 1960's to late 1970's. Usually the pocket watches made during that time period had cases that opened via a small metal hook flange that you can near the dial , and also near the crown area. Older pocket watches had different methods of opening a hunter cased pocket watch.
I didnt see a description of wether or not the watch is quartz or mechanical. Dugena used quite a few high quality movements in their watches during that time period. If your watch is a mechanical wind, it probably has a ETA womens movement in it like a ETA1170 or 2325. It very likely has 17 jewels in it. As i said, they are good quality movements. Very similar to the full sized counterparts ETA made for the military during that time.
Otherwise, with out looking in the case back, its impossible for me to tell with certainty if the case is any thing other silver or nickel plated base metal. I dont see any essayer marks in the inside of the case front.
Thats about it. If you can show the movement , i can tell you a whole lot more.
Enjoy !
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