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I raced this bike for about 5 colors were red.When the bike was retired I kept it to use on the street.

after getting it home, I did a full restore plus lowered the compression with barrel spacers so I could run pump gas.I also changed the color.I just scanned these old photos so please forgive how they look.also in one of the shots you can see my tag 6000.That should give you the time frame these were taken in.

one thing I learned was team mechanics are the best.I had let the local shop here spoon on new tires and shim the front sprocket.A big mistake.While running a back road, the front sprocket sheered the key because they didn't tighten it.Also they over torqued the cushdrive nuts.While going down a very technical road, besides the front sheering off and hitting the rear tire, the cushdrive also let go and the tire cocked,then the chain snapped and jammed into the case.So at 60mph the bike headed to the guardrail.I bailed off.I did find that I can't run 60mph.however I may have set a record for flying free style.

That was it for this one.To bad really.It had 165hp at the rear on pump gas.while it doesn't look bad, the frame was crushed plus the front cylinder and radiator.

I got a free trip to the er with only some roadrash I got when the pavement ate through the suit.
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