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Doxa's Whitepearl Divers

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Has anyone by chance seen Doxa's new Whitepearl models?

The watches that will be getting the Whitepearl treatment incude
the SUB 300 Carbon Whitepearl, SUB 300T Whitepearl, SUB 300,
SUB 600T, and SUB 1500. With each watch looking to come with
either classic BOR bracelet, or white strap.

Here is a look...

W&W, and Doxa with much more for you...

Doxa Expands their Whitepearl Collection with Five New Watches - Worn & Wound

Discover all the Whitepearl models
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I like the one with the "beads of rice" bracelet, but I am sorry, to me it isn't a DOXA unless it has an Orange dial!
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