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Doxa's Whitepearl Divers

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Has anyone by chance seen Doxa's new Whitepearl models?

The watches that will be getting the Whitepearl treatment incude
the SUB 300 Carbon Whitepearl, SUB 300T Whitepearl, SUB 300,
SUB 600T, and SUB 1500. With each watch looking to come with
either classic BOR bracelet, or white strap.

Here is a look...

W&W, and Doxa with much more for you...

Doxa Expands their Whitepearl Collection with Five New Watches - Worn & Wound

Discover all the Whitepearl models
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Carbon is a winner.
馃槑 That one really is eye-catchingly different LA, and you know, I can see
them adding in a carbon BOR bracelet possibly down the road too. 馃槈馃檪

Imagine Sir Lawyer Aidroos?! ..That would be something to see honestly.

Loved hearing what you thought LA, thanks so much for your two cents !!
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I like the one with the "beads of rice" bracelet, but I am sorry, to me it isn't a DOXA unless it has an Orange dial!
馃檪 You make a valid point sir. I really like orange dials, and Doxa
IS what you, or we think of when it comes to orange dials. ..But,
you know, it鈥檚 actually nice for there to at least be an option like
this. ..In a way, it鈥檚 kind of shocking that Doxa didn鈥檛 add in white
dials decades ago imho.

And don鈥檛 forget, they still have orange as well. 馃槑馃槈

Really appreciate you giving your thoughts Chaz, as well as you
telling it like it is sir !!!
I did see and almost acquire one a few months back in the carbon with a rubber strap all black. But my wife talked me out of it. She is right, they all show time at the end of the day. I can't argue with her. Either a de ville chronoscope or a Speedmaster is on my list now. Until then, no more Raymond Weil. I'm selling my freelancers. I was taked to keep no more than 6 watches. You are lucky sir with your vintage collection and new going beyond a few 100 units.
That black one must have been nice though. 馃槈 Can imagine
that it had a real stealthy vibe about it, especially in person. 馃槑
And you know, six watches sounds like a good number really.
Each watch can be worn for days, or weeks at a time. Plus if
there are Omega watches involved as you are saying, time
will fly by enjoying them.

Omega any day as you say right?! 馃榾(y)
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Currently I only have 1 vintage day date. Sold the de ville. Now looking for a Speedmaster or de ville chronoscope.
Very very cool, and the anticipation/excitement for finding a Speedmaster, or
De Ville has to be so great, and so much fun with that. Because there are so
many possibilities that you really can't say for sure what is on the horizon. 馃槈
On the one hand, you know what you want, but knowing what you want is
one thing. While finding what you want is another thing. In a flash you might
just find a spontaneous grail. 馃榾(y)
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1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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