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I’m in the doldrums lately. I’m patiently waiting for two watches and four Kickstarter rewards. One of them has just been delayed for another 50-60 days. The second one is scheduled for March 2016 and the other two should arrive at the end of this month.

No new projects will be started at work this year so no excitement there. I’m still tinkering with home automation, am happy with my Nest thermostat and recently bought a new Logitech universal remote, the Ultimate One with a WiFi hub. It works like a charm and can even control our Wii and the Nest. I’ve added a leak detector to my home automation system and have started to dabble with geo-fencing and programming ‘scenes’. But as this tends to take up a lot of time, I’m not overly fanatical in this. (I’m a bit lazy by nature :D).

Today we’ve visited Jamie’s Italian for the fourth time. This restaurant is part of a franchise chain owned by well known TV chef Jamie Oliver. I must admit that I was very sceptical the first time but the food is down to earth delicious and made from fresh ingredients. And it’s ‘while it lasts’. When they run out of ingredients for a certain dish you’re out of luck. And you have to be patient to get a table. We went there at 3 PM but we received a beeper to alert us when our table was ready. (The restaurant is located in a huge food hall). The menu prices are OK but the drinks prices are a bit off the scale. We had a great time though!

My company has started an employee fitness program and I’ll receive a Garmin Vivofit activity tracker in about two weeks. They consider sitting at a desk for a prolonged time the new ‘smoking’ and want to combat the adverse effects of this. Because I live only 6 Miles away from the office I take the bicycle to work almost every day and thus get my exercise. I also take a stroll during my lunch time. But the activity tracker will point out where I fall short and that’s a good thing. I don’t have to share the results, just use it and benefit from this. I refrained from joining the Rotterdam Marathon event because that’ll mean the end of me :D.

That’s it for now folks.
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Sounds like you have some watches to look forward so that is going to be nice for sure!

It will be fun to track your activities with the Garmin. I have had several Garmins, and after figuring out the instruction book for my Fenix(s), they were a pleasure to use.

That restaurant sounds delicious, wish we had one of those around these parks!

Hang in there GoodWatch!! :)

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I feel your pain. I've gone a full year without buying a new watch. That is the first time in many years that has happened. I did pay for a repair on my Omega and that cost as much as a new watch. But it was still an oldie but goodie. I did review a couple of watches, and I made a great trade with Mesh Guy, so that helped suppress the urge to buy. I don't have anything on the horizon either.

I love the Logitech remote, I have the hub one also. It is great.

I hope you have a great 2016. Live every day to the fullest and I hope you enjoy life as it was meant to be enjoyed.

Best of 2016 to ALL!
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