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You guys, I am sorry to tell you that there is a very disturbing and real science behind the "Phantom Ring" event.

All electronic devices emit EMF electronic motive force waves or electromagnetic fields.

Electromagnetic fields most definitely have an effect on living tissues. They can even cook or kill at high frequencies, ie. microwaves ~ lasers.

What we are feeling is the phone updating, there is a technical term but I forgot it, every so many minutes, our cell phones send a massive pulse of energy to seek any updates, texts, voice mail, or missed calls, etc. When the phone sends these bursts our living tissue which is controlled by electro-chemical reactions, react to the high energy burst and we feel the "Phantom Ring" effect. When you feel this effect when your phone is nowhere around, it is a physiological replay or nervous tremor in the same area where the device is doing it's damage.

Our constant companions, our cell phones, are doing irreparable medical damage to our brains and or bodies.

These facts are clearly laid out here... is just one site out of hundreds that are trying to spread the warnings.

I know I most likely will not live to see it, but I am greatly concerned with an entire generation of today's teenagers, hitting their thirties knowing they have contracted terminal cancer.

Headsets and belt clips are not that much help, you then only move the damage to other internal organs. I myself, rarely use a cell phone and if I do have to use one for extended conversations, I try to use the wired headset, wireless only adds additional EMF.

Our cordless house phones are very much the same thing, usually a little less powerful, but dangerous just the same.

Nikola Tesla wanted to broadcast EMF waves worldwide at 60hz and everyone would get free electricity with only an aerial attached to the roof, good thing he was slapped down by GE and Edison,Earth wouldbe a dead World by now had he got his way.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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