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Do you like vintage pocket watch?

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Hi, everyone.
I am new here, very happy to meet you.
I want to know that if you guys like these vintage pocket watches, for me, i have collected severalvintage pocket watches.
I love these watches, for it has the period feel, with classical design.
Although there are so many nice and advanced electronic watches today, i still have great passion on these vintage pocket watches.
How about your opinions?


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Pocket watches

I own a Hamilton 992 Elinvar, an Elgin and a Waltham Crescent street (montgomery dial) all RR grade watches from the early 1900's. Also picked up a Jean Pierre of Switzerland double hunter.

Got 2 cheapie Kc pockey watches ($10/each, gold and silver) just for fun and 2 Sturhling Originals, gold and silver. Just to add to the collection.
They always get nice comments and I don't mind wearing them on a chain.
1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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