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He's gonna kick my a$$ for this but what the hell......

Drawings? Engineer?? NO!! Dora the Explorer Coloring Book!!!:%:%:%:%


Drawing's ?? - you an engineer??? sorry i may have missed this

RipitRon wrote:
It is simple for me actually,

I wake @ 5:00, I grab a shower, drink some cofee and post a bit. I leave for work around 6:30, and log on yet do my job. Check in every now and again.

Get home, kiss the dogs, Kick the wife, change my close and generally I have drawings too do in the evening (Side Job's) And I post as well. However as of late I have not had any drawings and my money is running thin because of it SO I HAVE TOO MUCH F-ING TIME ON MY HANDS AND ALL I HAVE IS YTOU PEOPLE!!! Whoa I feel better now!!!
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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