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*coating type - Diamond Like Carbon aka DLC
*finish types - satin, polished, matte
*DLC coated parts

1. Bezel
2. Case
3. Caseback
4. Crown
5. End links
6. Bracelet
7. Bracelet clasp

This is a great looking watch built in a rather rigid way. The watch was bought brand new specifically for this particular project. No bead blasting or further refinishing has been done so to preserve its original look and feel for the curve. It incorporates several different finishes: satin, polished, and bead-blasted. Further to the overall appearance of the watch I added a little touch from myself.


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Gorgeous work.
Looks like it came from factory like that, if not better.

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Of course it's better :) the coating of the watches that were precoated by the factory and are sold that way is 2-3 times softer than the coating applied on this watch. This is the reason why you may see alot of complaints among forum members in other forums related to the vulnerability of the factory precoated watches. The only exception of this rule is Breitling!
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