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Dimier 1738 Recital 3 WG

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Something about this watch really is attractive to me.
48mm grand complication.

The Dimier Recital 3 watch is a horological tour de force, whose beauty and exceptional craftsmanship place it in a unique category of hand-wrought artistry. Presented in a very limited edition, the Recital 3 reveals a magnificent one-minute tourbillon whose cage is inspired by a delicate lotus flower. Two timezones are presented, along with a day/night indicator, a reference display for 24 cities of the world, and a scale that reveals the status of the 7-day power reserve. The manufacture Dimier 13BA05 movement appears in its full glory through a transparent dial skillfully hewn from rock crystal, while a sapphire exhibition window exposes other facets of sublime artistry: these elements include fire-blued steel screws, bridges with gently beveled edges, and a 22K gold winding mass adorned with elaborate fleurisanne-style engraving.

I have been searching for more info, but hard to find any additional info or pics.
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I love how the red hands just POP !!!
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An awesome timepiece, especially if you like complications.
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Read this . . .

I like it as well. It's a nice presented timepiece. With these type of watches . . . I don't always see the case first, but rather the movement (in a skeleton) or the dial. This watch immediately pulled me to the dial . . . the tourbillon, the complications, the layers, and the decoration. That movement must be a work of art! And to top it all off . . . the case is very well done!
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