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Digital Swiss?

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Are there any Swiss watch company's that make an all digital watch?
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ChaunceyJack wrote:
Somehow digital watches just seem to lose any excitement and pleasure of owning a watch, at least for me. I prefer mechanical or automatic movements, and especially like the 3-hand varieties. There is something special about watching that sweeping second hand smoothly move across the watch dial.

Digital is fine for the microwave, for the TV, for electronic gadgets, and for the car, but never for a watch that I will wear on my wrist.
+1......I went through a phase where I wore digital watches when I wasn't at work. Then when my collection was stolen almost 6 years ago after Katrina....I wore one I got at the local Dollar Tree, because I was afraid to wear my 2 nicer ones I had. Now I have over 30 watches....way more than I had before Katrina!!!!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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