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It's funny they don't mention that it was Seiko that opened the world to quartz technology in 1969 when they made it possible to use quartz in miniature applications, and they chose not to hog the patents.

And they presume that all "automatic" watches can be wound manually at the crown. What about Kinetics? Or, is the fact
that Seiko is the only maker of Kinetics a good enough reason to ignore the subject?

When you hear the same story told by Seiko, it's a different story, because they don't leave out the Seiko part of the tale.

There are two kinds of watch owners. One likes to know something about how the watch works inside, to enhance the appreciation of the machine with informed awareness. The other kind doesn't care about how the watch works, they just want it to do its job. And sometimes, doing its job has nothing to do with keeping time, for example, how it looks on their wrist, making an impression, is enough. If they want to know what time it is, they'll use their cell phone.
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