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Hey folks,

Your strap FREEK is here with yet again another batch of amazing work courtesy of Josip at Diaoliq Straps.

This round I wanted canvas straps. And who better than the man that knows canvas, delivered yet again my vision of what the perfect canvass strap should be. I wanted ROUGH, TOUGH and DIRTY....what I got was just that!


The canvas 4 pack consists of a 24mm black and 24mm green and 22mm black and 22mm green with a cool fire kissed buckle.

The other one to complete the 5 pack is an iteration of the 'my religion' strap (which I had made for my brother to match a pair of jeans he had). For myself, I had Josip make one with the same stitch pattern but to match my 42mm Helson SD. And I have to say this strap is MONEY IN THE BANK! Absolutely perfect match, perfect white leather material and finish is awesome!

Again, HUGE thanks to Joisp for another batch of slam dunk winners to add to the strap cabinet

Onto the (HUGE) photo show.............:eek:

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