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Hello everyone! Hope you all having a gone one.

So, many years ago my father gave me this watch (witch his father gave it to him) and I never
really payed attention to it, until today. I was hoping that someone here could help me
identify maybe the model, the year, etc.

I'm also posting some photos of the watch so you guys can see it clearly.
The watch is not in a perfect shape tho.

My grandfather is no longer with us, and the only story behind this watch
that me and my father knows is that someone gave it to him and that there's
a "1949" crafted behind the watch. It would be awesome to know a little
bit more about the only thing in common between me, my father and his father.

Thanks for the chance of discovering something about it :)

Much love.

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Hello Luquiras. 🙂

What a terrific introduction as well as watch, and story behind it
also here. (y)(y) It's really incredible the way pocket watches
were made, as well as were so intricately detailed. I know I have
a few pocket watches that my father owned. But not any that
my grandfather had. ..Wow, this just leaves you in awe with all
of the attention to detail inside, and out. Just the Hunter case
makes you smile, as does this movement, and dial. 😀

However, I actually no very little about pocket watches. It's a
style of watch that honestly think is amazing as well. So I really
should know more. But unfortunately do not. Nevertheless, this
pocket watch does look incredibly cool that's for sure. And I
actually looked around for this exact model, but could not find
it. I saw one Tavannes after the other with some of the watches
dating to before 1949. So this beauty could be from 1949, or
even before maybe.

All I know is that it is remarkable, and that it's just THE best
that you have this masterpiece. And that you will be able to
enjoy it like your of your grandfather, and father. 🙂🙂

Sorry, I couldn't have been of more help. Maybe there are
members here who can help.

P.S. Have a couple links you might enjoy which give some
information on the brand Luquiras... (y)

Tavannes, Schwob Frères and Cyma

The History of Cyma Watch Company
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