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from this talented shop: TheStrapSmith - Custom Leather Watch Straps
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Unfortunately it's a gloomy rainy day so no outside pics available.
Looks Great! The color matching is even better than I expected. Making straps for you is a lot of fun because you like to customize them and make really one of a kind uniqued pieces. You are definitely the only person in the world walking around with that on their wrist. (y) Thank you.

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Well you are honestly bringing the sunshine no matter what Wrascal
and Sir Strapsmith !! ☀😎 You know much of the time we tend to
focus on watches, but what would watches be without straps, or to
be more accurate, amazing straps like this?! 😉🏆😀 ..I genuinely
can’t even imagine or don’t want to even try. Because as much as
we see watches as these incredible pieces of art to be so enjoyed
and appreciated. It’s the same exact thing with straps. (y)(y)

Seriously, on the one be hand, straps complete a watch, or can
make a watch transform, and look even nicer. But then they are
genuinely beautiful pieces of art in their own cases. Which is the
case with this show stopping show stealer !

It’s breathtaking the wonderful detail. I would, could, and really
do get mesmerized by all of the detail. 😲 Wishing you a SUPER
SPECTACULAR congratulations Wrascal !!!

As well as EXTRA EXTRAORDINARY crazy cool kudos on yet
another piece of art Strapsmith !!!

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That strap reveals a new and improved appearance to the blue, I wasn't sure if I loved their blue and bronze, but I am now. Well Done!

If you will, when you find the time, please add some shots in different lighting too.

Bravo Strapsmith! Well done.

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Today I turned in my Omega; the story told by the seller is he purchased it new (about 7 years ago) and stored it away (only briefly worn over the years) - he further explained it'd never been opened/ serviced. So I'm now requesting its' first service /inspection / seals.

I felt naked without it (Omega) throughout the day; when I finally got home I quickly strapped on my 43mm Hammy Khaki. Its' soothing soft leather (another StrapMaster project) reminds me of my late grandfathers expression - smoother than a school marms leg. WOW! that was a long time ago (mid 60's, RIP).

After the Hammys' turn it'll be my Sinns' opportunity; both watches have been neglected since I purchased the Omega and Tudor; eventually I'll get back to my other beauty, the bronze Tudor.

It's good to have options.
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