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Cronos Bronze Diver

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I bought one of these on Ebay yesterday

Cronos Bronze SBDC053 Specs:

  • Case material : CuSn8 Bronze
  • Case back : 316L Stainless steel
  • Case size : 43mm
  • Height : 13.8mm
  • Lug to lug : 49.8mm
  • Lug width : 20mm
  • Strap : Rubber strap
  • Buckle : CuSn8 buckle
  • Bezel : CuSn8 Bronze Bezel
  • Glass : Sapphire crystal with AR coating
  • Dial : Sunburst blue / Sunburst green / Black
  • Lume : Swiss C3 Super-luminova
  • Movement : NH35
  • Crown : Screw down crown
  • Water resistance : 200m
NH35 Movement:

The accuracy of caliber NH35/4R35 is between +45 / -35 seconds per day. This rating is based on normal daily wear on the wrist in temperatures between 5 ºC and 35 ºC. When testing your watch for timekeeping, make sure it is fully wound.
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Beautiful looking bronze! I've never ordered through AliExpress. That has me thinking hmmmm. Love to know how it holds up over time.
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The correct number of watches to own is W + 1, where W is the current number of watches owned. The corollary for people in relationships is W-1, when W is getting you in the doghouse. The formula for bicycles is B + 1/-1, with the same parameters.
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I like V2 better
I can't find that watch when I search for a Cronos or Lugyou Bronze Seamaster. Do you have a link?
Thanks for the link. I didn't even think about a Facebook page. I went down a little rabbit hole of Youtube sites that review a lot of the AliExpress watches. I am seriously considering some.

Do you know anything about doing a custom logo on one of their watches?
Thank you! I am thinking of ordering 5 matching watches with a custom logo as Christmas gifts for myself and my 4 sons. I'm waiting for an admin to approve my request to join that Facebook group.
Where did you find that nice brown strap?
I love quick release bars, and plan to purchase future straps with quick release.
Some straps look better than they fit/feel
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I got my buckle from Strapco today so I tried it on the rubber strap.

Was the new buckle 20mm?
That Invicta definitely looks better on the solid black strap. One of my problems with many of the Invictas I see in Costco are that they are way too big, and they tend to be rather garish. I like if the case, bezel, and dial has a lot of color I prefer a muted strap. If the case, bezel, and dial are rather muted or monochromatic, I like putting a more colorful strap.
That looks great...

I just received a box from China today...


All five of those boxes contain the same watch with a custom logo...They are Xmas gifts for me and my 4 sons. So this is a sneak peek. I will be putting away my gift for Xmas ;)



My initials are GB, I've been a scout leader for 25 years. My three oldest sons are Eagle scouts, and number 4 is very close to finishing his Eagle. So my wife helped me create the custom logo.

I'm planning to get a black pvd buckle to put on the extra suede strap. I am also considering another strap. I was thinking of a NATO, but that brown leather strap looks real nice too.
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Thanks Gary,congrats on geting the watches done.The logo and backplate you designed look great! By the way I have a discount code for 15% off at Strapco so if you want to use it let me know. I am really happy with the strap I bought from them. it looks pretty close to the Panerai for $19

Aaah, I wish I had seen your post about 15% last night, but I was able to take advantage of buy two get a third free. I wound up buying myself a NATO and this brown one because I really like the way it looks in your pics.
Yowza Gary, may I get in here, and wish you, and your sons a really BIG
congrats on everything too, and for the watches ahead of time also !!!! 😯🎅
Just is remarkable, and a real accomplishment by them. Can only imagine
how proud you are, and these phenomenal watches really show that. Wow,
just look at all those cool boxes them came in ! 🤯😵 Those alone would
be neat gifts, but to know what's inside is the really fun part. Christmas
morning will be unbelievably fun, and memorable this year Gary !

Man oh man, great job by you, as well as your sons sir !!! Can't believe
it, and I'm not even there. 😄 A COLOSSAL congratulations once again
here 2 all of you ahead of time !!!
Thanks man!
Reading some of the comments about bronze turning the wrist green, or bronze stinking are interesting.
Good thing I'm not taking my watch diving!
Thanks everybody! I found the ILW video that Mrs Wiggles mentioned showing the origin of the Cronos brand name

So I just realized when looking at this thread that the I Like Watches YouTube page has been terminated according to YouTube. Bummer. A little digging on the internet, and I found this:

I have bought several things for my five watches.
I bought black buckles to put on the beige suede strap.
I bought each one a unique NATO.
I bought myself the brown leather from Strapsco. So I have four straps, and the other watches will have three.

Is it okay if I post pictures of them all on this thread or should i start another one?
This NATO will be on it will be one of four strap options I will have.


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I have four sons...this strap will give number 1 son three looks. This son and his wife both went to the University of Florida. So orange and blue is a big thing. They live in New Hampshire, and wanted it to have orange and blue but not be blatantly Gators.


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