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Cleaning Cases and Bracelets

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Hi All

I am looking for some sage advice on cleaning watch cases and bracelets.
Over the years I have collected a number of watches, some very cheap quartz pieces and other slightly more expensive purchases such as a few 50’s Seamaster’s and my work horse, the Tissot V8.

Unfortunately, due to my job and hobbies a couple of them are starting to look a bit grubby with grime between the links, around the crystal and a few scratches to the case and bracelet.

I am pretty hands on and would really like to have a go at cleaning them up myself. However, before diving in and ruining my watches in an attempt to clean them up, I wanted to do my research.

Could anyone tell me what are the best, most appropriate methods /materials to use when cleaning watch cases and bracelets particularly those made of stainless steel and how would you approach the different finishes, for example a brushed finish.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated:smile:

Many Thanks
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Thanks for the advice, much appreciated !!
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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